The SYNTHESYS EVO is a premium business class seat whose design and ergonomic ensure a great flexibility as Business class on single-aisle or Premium Economy on twin-aisle aircraft.
Business class for single aisle, Premium for twin-aisle aircraft. Wellbeing and elegance for all platforms.

A high level of customisation can be delivered to all versions of Synthesys EVO.

EVOking comfort
Fully customisable to accommodate a wide range of features and comply with all Premium class applications. With its widest head-rest on the market, SYNTHESYS EVO sets all-new standards for privacy and added comfort, contributing to an enhanced flight experience.
Beauty EVOlution
With its majestic backrest and ergonomic shape, the SYNTHESYS EVO adds a classy touch to all premium cabins.
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By almost 50 years AvioInteriors designs, certifies, manufactures and delivery high-quality aircraft passenger seats to leading airlines, lessors, MROs and aircraft OEMs
We match customers expectations with a wide range of interiors as we can customise every part of the seat.
Our seats are created by specialized craftsmen, we only use made in Italy.