About Us
Our company
67.000 sqm of plant
  • 250 employees
  • State-of-art plant and fully equipped test laboratory in-house
  • Brand-new machinery to improve production process
  • Certifications according to aeronautical and railway specifications
Italian style
Aviointeriors manages its product development through its team of designers and engineers in Italy, who ensure the best combination between Italian Style and technical innovation.
We are able to manage the whole process of production from sketching and prototyping to final product.
  • Autoclave curing process for composite material
  • Clean room
  • Composite CNC 5 Axis cutting & shaping
  • Composite press and autoclave
  • Heat and surface treatment
  • Laser cutting and metal bending
  • Painting
  • Polycarbonate thermoforming
  • Plyurethane cutting & gluing
  • Surfaces protection & finishing treatments
  • Upholstery CNC cutting & sewing
Held with care
Driven by innovation and excellence, our goal is to deliver high-quality products and services and create long-term business relationshps with our customers.
Our goals are to innovate continuosly and deliver exceptiona customer service to drive long-term success.
We have prioritised excellence in product development and manufacturing in order to create businesses with a strong doundation for success, to build customer trust, and to cultivate a loyal customer base.
Customer Support
We care
A professional and experienced team of engineers and customer support managers will take care of all Customer's after-sales enquiries.
A programme manager dedicated to spare parts oders supervises the entire process to ensure on-time delivery.
Made by passion
Since 1972 we are one of the leading aircraft seat manufacturer in the world, and the amassador of the Italian style in the aircraft cabin interiors.
Allegra Seat
Allegra Seat
Synthesys EVO
Allegra Seat