About Us

Since 1972 we are one of the leading aircraft
seat manufacturer in the world, and the
ambassador of the Italian style in the aircraft
cabin interiors.

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Aviointeriors has been producing aircraft cabin interiors and passenger seats for over 50 years

Aviointeriors manages its product development and design through its team of designers and engineers in Italy, who ensure the continual stylistic and technical innovation that has always been a distinguishing feature of the company.

Based in Latina, Italy, Aviointeriors created in 1972 is one of the leading aircraft seat manufacturers in the world and is the ambassador of the Italian style in the aircraft cabin world.

Product quality, innovation, customer service and a proven reliability.







Our Core Values

Our values represent the ability to develop new innovative and design lead products.

Aviointeriors is not only committed to promoting its principles concerning ownership, suppliers, industrial partners, organization, customers, but also its mutual trust and understanding with shared values and goals.

Together, innovation and continuous improvement are the competitive drivers allowing Aviointeriors to stand out in the aircraft seat business industry.


Aviointeriors was established in 1972 as the aviation branch of the CIFA group

at that time a major industry in production of home and office furniture for the Italian market.
The CIFA group foresaw this business opportunity with the recently formed “Atlas” alliance of the European national airlines.
During the eighties, the Veneruso family’s company, ALVEN, then a competitor of Aviointeriors, acquired Aviointeriors.

Aviointeriors Today

Achievements in the development of specific technologies and solutions, and the support of dedicated engineering teams and highly skilled technicians, allow Aviointeriors to directly manage the entire business chain.

Aviointeriors today offers technologically advanced passenger seats with fully integrated systems that ensure an extremely high comfort to the passenger. Aviointeriors is today one of the leading companies in the aircraft passenger seat business.

An entrepreneurial adventure which started over forty years ago with a company that is still providing ongoing research and deep passion for design and functionality.

Our Certifications

Aviointeriors comply with latest technical requirements in order to ensure the airworthiness and quality standards of aeronautical products.

Here you will find certificates regarding aviation regulatory approvals

EASA part 21 ApDOA (n. AP003 Issue7)

EASA part 21 POA (n. IT.21G.0010)

EASA part 145 AMO (n. IT. 145.0272)

EASA part 21J FULL DOA (in progress)

Here you will find certificates regarding quality and environmental standards

AS/EN9100:2018 (n. AS/63/13/S)

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (n. 29062/13/S)

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