Hyper versatile and thanks to its modular design, MYA is designed to be fully customisable and accommodate multiple options to fulfil short-medium and long-range configurations.
Mya Short Range
Mya Long Range
MYA is the result of experience acquired over decades.

New attractive design and reduction of components make the MYA a lighter seat without compromising on comfort, even with short pitch and in high density cabin.

Modularity in Economy
Maximising the commonality for components in all its short, medium and long-haul versions.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Mya is the result of a decennial experience in aircraft seat manufacturing and offers maximum comfort at minimum pitch.
Less is More
Mya is designed to meet the latest Airlines' stringent requirements in terms of light-weighting, reliability, maintenance cost efficiency without compromising on comfort and style.
The maximum comfort at minimum pitch.
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By almost 50 years AvioInteriors designs, certifies, manufactures and delivery high-quality aircraft passenger seats to leading airlines, lessors, MROs and aircraft OEMs
We match customers expectations with a wide range of interiors as we can customise every part of the seat.
Our seats are created by specialized craftsmen, we only use made in Italy.