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On the 8th May, the first step towards the creation of a real design academy for aircraft interiors will be taken.

Eight graduates in aerospace engineering from the University of Naples Federico II will cross the threshold of our Tor Tre Ponti plant to begin the technical training course which specializes in the design and certification of aircraft seats. This training initiative is an addition to the one already promoted and commenced in April with the University of Rome La Sapienza, ENAC and Regione Lazio.

“The company stands at the top of the industrial specialization, focusing on a high-level vocational training, promoting strong relationships with the university, a forge of talents, and attracting resources who are too often forced to move to Northern Italy or even abroad. They are the specialists and managers of the future, which is why we want to make the best of them” comments Simone D’Auria, HR Director at Aviointeriors. “For the graduates there is also a classroom with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples. Beauty stimulates creativity,” concludes D’Auria.

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