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In the last few days, Aviointeriors signed an agreement with Regione Lazio, the Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of Rome La Sapienza, ENAC and companies in the aerospace sector for the promotion of higher education in the aerospace industry and for the employment of graduates enrolled in Master courses in Civil Aviation.

Advanced professional training creates high-profile professionals with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge in a fundamental synergy between institutions and companies.

Aviointeriors is at the forefront of job placement by foreseeing a period of training, alternating it with university classrooms and companies, which is the first step for employment, and in particular for engineers who are to be included in the Technical Department of our Tor Tre Ponti company.

The project casts the participants at the highest levels of excellence and promotes a close co-operation between all the institutional players and production.

As well as having already selected some of the best engineers admitted to the Master, Aviointeriors will offer additional company Internships at the end of the project for those who are outstanding during the courses.

“We are proud” declares Ermanno De Vecchi, CEO of Aviointeriors, “ of being part of a Memorandum of Understanding which has been created to give young people a new opportunity of stable and highly qualified employment”.

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