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esp – economy slim platform

Innovation is driving Aviointeriors in developing a new concept of a family of economy seats, such as esp – economy slim platfom, in meeting best space exploitation international standards as:

  • Boeing Comfort Guidelines
  • CAA UK CAP 747 GR No.2
  • Seated Hybrid III 95th Percentile Large Male Dummy per NHTSAVRTC 07-0228 report.

esp Aviointeriors, concept_of_class for people_of_class

# Skyrider

Evolving market environment in the short haul routes is steering Aviointeriors to the new design of the skyrider concept.

In addition to the traditional characteristics of an installation at a challenging pitch (23”) and a reduced number of components, allowing to shrink maintenance costs and having aircraft installation without structural modification, skyrider now latest adds: coat hook (simple or push), back-rest modular configuration (extra-pocket or table installation).

skyrider is concept foundation of new way to travel in the short haul routes.

skyrider Aviointeriors, concept_of_class for people_of_class

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