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Your breath shortens. Beads of sweat emerge at your temples. Your eyes scan the Business Class, when you flight in Economy Class for a long range flight.

But now, thanks to us that panic give way to placidity. Aviointeriors is glad to present “MICHELANGELO” our New Economy seat for long range trip. Michelangelo increases the experience of the flight, without compromises.

Michelangelo increases the comfort, gives more space at the passenger belongings, increase the multimedia experience with a video of 13.3”, the biggest in this market segment, but at the same time an innovative engineering concept able to reduce the weight more than 7%, reducing the maintenance cost too.

Faithful to the role of ambassador of the Italian style in the aircraft cabin interior all it is concentrate in a beautiful, distinguishing, and elegant Italian Design.

Aviointeriors is sure that Michelangelo will be pushing the standard of the Long Range economy class higher in Comfort, Design, Technical Innovation, Quality and will exceed the passengers, and the airlines expectations.

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