Perseus Business class seat is available as a single, double or triple block of seats to suit the each airlines needs and is offered in an angled-flat or full-flat versions. The seat takes full advantage of the overall of the seat width providing a large bed for passenger comfort.The surrounding seat shell is designed to shelter the sleeping passenger and is equipped with a retractable screen is present to provide privacy from neighbor passengers. Any current and future IFE system can be installed in this seat.

Standard Features
- Electrically controlled seat bottom depth/height.
- Electrically controlled seat back recline mechanism.
- Electrically controlled folding and sliding front leg-rest and footrest.
- Electrically controlled lumbar support.
- Single piece in-arm table with fwd/aft sliding movement and swivelling rotation.
- Adjustable head rest (4 ways).
- Front and rear track fitting anti-rattle device.
- Positive shear pin.
- Lifevest storage place.
- Literature pocket mouse-trap frame.
- Fireblocked foam cushion.
- Slide out cocktail table.
- Personal reading light.
- Fully flat inclined sleeping position (8° inclination during the flight).
- Side and center armrest fully collapsible.
- Rear seat back video installation provisioning (10,4/15”).
- In-flight-entertainment provisioning.
- Cabin attendant step.