Like two-faced Janus, the god of Ancient Rome, this proposal is distinguished by the reverse position of the center seat of the triple to ensure the maximum isolation between passengers seated next to each other. While passengers seated on the side seats, aisle and fuselage, continue to be positioned in the flight direction as usual, the passenger sitting in the center is facing backwards.

So “Janus” is a two-faced seat, in fact this arrangement allows all three passengers to be separated with a shield made of transparent material that isolates them from each other, creating a protective barrier for everyone. Each passenger has its own space isolated from others, even from people who walk through the aisle.

The center passenger facing backwards occupies the same space as others, so this seat does not need a pitch higher than usual, access and exit clearance are as usual too and therefore the seat installation pitch remains as originally provided for by the aircraft specification lay-out.

Each place of the “Janus” seat is surrounded on three sides by a high shield that prevents the breath propagation to occupants of adjacent seats.

The seat shield allows the passenger sitting behind to use all the equipment situated on the back of the front seat, meal table, literature pocket and other possible equipment. The shield will continue to perform its separation function between passengers when the backrest is reclined.

To ensure access to the seat from the aisle by a disabled passenger, the shield portion on the aisle can be foldable or sliding.

“Janus” seat is made of easy cleaning and safe hygienisation materials.

The option is available with the shield in opaque material or with different degrees of transparency.