Simple, reliable and offering a classic cozy comfort; the Andromeda is a seat with a well-proven structure that is currently flying with many continental and intercontinental airlines.

It can be customized for every business class environment by adding, removing or tuning the features; resulting in a state of the art seat that perfectly fit the customer need.

Standard Features
- Electrically controlled recline mechanism.
- Electrically controlled folding and sliding front legrest and footrest.
- Electrically controlled lumbar support.
- Bi-fold in-arm table with fwd/aft sliding movement and swivelling rotation.
- Adjustable head rest (4 ways).
- Front and rear track fitting anti-rattle device.
- Positive shear pin.
- Lifevest storage space.
- Literature pocket mouse-trap frame.
- Fireblocked foam cushion.
- Slide out cocktail table.
- Personal reading light.
- Cabin attendant step.