Project Engineer

  • Number of positions 1
  • Time type Full Time


Customer interface, technical area.
Design and develop each assigned project.
Monitoring the assigned resources (hardware/software/human resources).
Drafting of compliance documents, in concurrency (when needed) with the CE.
Prepare any other document, drawing, bill of materials for the project release.
Coordinate the Mock-up activities and Test Articles realization, the latter in concurrency with the TLM and the CE.
Manage any project revision and technical validation.
ApDOA/POA coordination for the in-series production.
Record any change arises from the First Article Production (FAI) by filling the “Modifica di Progetto” (MdP).
Record and make available both regulatory and technical documentation necessary for project development.
Ensure the correct record keeping of any data produced.
The Project Engineer and responds hierarchically to the Head of Design Organization (HDO).
The project engineers coordinated the Design Area in order to assure the timely and correctness of the activities above mentioned.

Technical and Management Skills
Good knowledge of 3D design systems (ProE PTC-CATIA-AutoCad) and typical features for surface, solid and 2D environment management for tableware.
It requires knowledge of the Design for Production criteria and therefore has the ability to critically determine the standard and specific information to be included on the drawings correctly (dimensions, surface finishes, tolerances, process specifications, thermal and surface treatments, control, tightening torques, etc. …).
It is important that you know the processes for the realization of the products with an adequate level of detail: chip removal, laser cutting, thermoforming, injection molding, leather cutting and sewing, foam production, thermal and surface treatments of light alloys and steels, etc …
Team skills required to handle teamwork and problem-solving activities and to achieve result
It is a preferential element to have already done PE activities.

Educational qualification:

Degree in Engineering preferably at Industrial Address (Mechanical Engineering or equivalent). In this case, at least 2 years of aeronautical design experience are required or anyway mechanical design.
Alternatively, the candidate may also be assessed for a higher secondary technical title (ITIS or equivalent). In this case, at least 5 years of aeronautical design experience are required or anyway in mechanical design.

Computer skills:
• Knowledge of design tools (PTC-CATIA-AutoCad ProE).
• Knowledge of SW for modeling and numerical simulation (FEM) is a preference element.
• Knowledge of PDM systems is a matter of preference.
• Knowledge of MS Office applications.

Excellent technical English (knowledge of additional foreign languages is an element of preference).

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