Aviointeriors has been producing aircraft cabin interiors and passenger seats for over 40 years, designing, certifying, manufacturing and delivering high-quality products to leading airlines and premium operators and the worlds aircraft manufacturers.

Aviointeriors manages it’s product development and design through its team of designers and engineers in Italy, who ensure the continual stylistic and technical innovation that has always been a distinguishing feature of the company.

Based in Latina, Italy, one hour drive south of Rome, Aviointeriors created in 1972 is one of the leading aircraft seat manufacturers in the world and is the ambassador of the Italian style in the aircraft cabin world.

Aviointeriors believes that important competitive factors in the aircraft cabin interior equipment, and mainly in the aircraft passenger seat market include product quality and innovation, customer service and a proven reliability of the end product.


Aviointeriors’ core values are differentiation, exclusivity, quality, comfort and design. These values represent the ability to develop new innovative and design lead products into the ever changing and demanding world of aircraft seating, where historically Aviointeriors thrive in the dynamic global markets.

Sustainability is a key driver in the process of continuous improvement that guarantees results, while reinforcing its business performance and reputation.

Aviointeriors is thus not only committed to promoting its principles concerning ownership, suppliers, industrial partners, organization, customers, but also its mutual trust and understanding with shared values and goals.

Together innovation and continuous improvement are the competitive drivers allowing Aviointeriors to stand out in the aircraft seat business industry, to consolidate its presence in the seat market.

Aviointeriors Today

Achievements in the development of specific technologies and solutions, and the support of dedicated engineering teams and highly skilled technicians, allow Aviointeriors to directly manage the entire business chain: from the design, certification, production and marketing of aircraft passenger seats, to the aftermarket support and the customer assistance throughout all the life of the product. The combination of a cutting edge product and a deep knowledge on the use of innovative technologies to meet the new demands of the market, allow Aviointeriors to offer a winning combination focused on ensuring high performance products.

Aviointeriors today offers technologically advanced passenger seats with fully integrated seat systems that ensure an extremely high comfort to the passenger. These results come from the constant pursuit of innovation, safety, efficiency and quality achieved through the offer of new designs and features installed in our products that allow safe, reliable and high performances. Aviointeriors is today one of the leading companies in the aircraft passenger seat business. An entrepreneurial adventure which started over forty years ago with a company that is still providing ongoing research and deep passion for design and functionality.

The Aviointeriors seat catalogue sees a wide range of products filling all the operators requirements, from sophisticated and fully customized first class pods, to exclusive business class seats for long range flights, or business/premium seats adaptable to the specific aircraft lay-out, to the economy class for long range flights. Added to the Aviointeriors collection is the lightest seat available in the present market using traditional materials and technologies and we are developing the most innovative carbon fiber structure seat models as part of the continued development program at Aviointeriors. We have a comprehensive and versatile production and development facilities that can perfectly fits any airline or OEM requirement for any aircraft lay-out.


The intent of our team is to excel in customer satisfaction and commitment by focusing in detailing our customer special requirements. We are interested in your long-term success and look forward to the prospect of working closely with you as a strategic partner.

Advanced Research

A constant effort for innovation is pursued also by establishing partnerships with companies that have developed a strong knowledge on specific technical topics.

Our engineering R&D is pushing the boundaries of our product’s performance by experimenting and testing new structural solutions.

The use of our own in-house design office coupled with leading design companies is responsible for the styling and enhancing the user experience for our new products, by keeping in balance in the form factor and the function of the seat and by taking account the current market trends. It is also a powerful tool for customers to determine the look of their future aircraft cabin.


Aviointeriors was established in 1972 as the aviation branch of the CIFA group, at that time a major industry in production of home and office furniture for the Italian market.

The CIFA group foresaw this business opportunity with the recently formed “Atlas” alliance of the European national airlines. Aviointeriors was founded initially as a joint venture together with the French company Sicma.

During the eighties, the Veneruso family’s company, ALVEN, then a competitor of Aviointeriors, acquired Aviointeriors.

Aviointeriors has since, experienced a strong growth in the global market that has led it to work for most of the of the world’s airline companies. This growth was also powered by new upper class products that helped to improve Aviointeriors brand to become one of the world’s largest and innovative seat and interiors manufacturer.