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With reference to the news published in the press about legal proceedings that involve the
entrepreneur Alberto Veneruso, for clarity and correct information, we would like to point
out the following.

The charges relate exclusively to tax issues and the Group owns solid assets to face the
fulfillment of any sanction at any time.

The companies of the Group mentioned in the media will continue to regularly carry out
their activities with primary protection to customers, employees and suppliers.

Aviointeriors S.p.A. will continue its activities by maintaining its business and honoring all
commitments made to its customers, employees and suppliers. In particular it will continue
to interact and consider all parties as indispensable partners in order to finalize the mission
that has always characterized the company, which is to make products with advanced
technical features and innovative design to be competitive in the aircraft market worldwide.

We are thankful to all the employees who will continue to make their professional
contribution and to give their personal cooperation in this particular moment.

The Board of Directors Aviointeriors S.p.A. – October 2016, 3rd